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Tube Archivist#

Welcome to the official Tube Archivist Docs. This is an up-to-date documentation of user functionality.

Getting Started#

  1. Subscribe to some of your favourite YouTube channels.
  2. Scan subscriptions to add the latest videos to the download queue.
  3. Add additional videos, channels or playlist - ignore the ones you don't want to download.
  4. Download and let Tube Archivist do it's thing.
  5. Sit back and enjoy your archived and indexed collection!

General Navigation#

  • Clicking on the channel name or the channel icon brings you to the dedicated channel page to show videos from that channel.
  • Clicking on a video title brings you to the dedicated video page and shows additional details.
  • Clicking on a video thumbnail opens the video player and starts streaming the selected video.
  • Clicking on the search icon gridview icon will open a dedicated search page to search over your complete index.
  • The pagination - if available - builds links for up to 10'000 results, use the search, sort or filter functionality to find what you are looking for.

An empty checkbox icon unseen icon will show for videos you haven't marked as watched. Click on it and the icon will change to a filled checkbox seen icon indicating it as watched - click again to revert.

When available, the gridview icon gridview icon will display the list in a grid. A grid row holds 3 items by default, use the listview icon icon to add more or the listview icon icon to remove items per row, depending on your screen size. The listview icon listview icon will arrange the items in a list. The sort icon listview icon will open additional sort options.

You can control the video player with the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • ?: Show help
  • m: toggle mute
  • f: toggle fullscreen
  • c: toggle subtitles if available
  • >: increase playback speed
  • <: decrease playback speed
  • (left arrow): jump back 5 seconds
  • (right arrow): jump forward 5 seconds