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Video Page#

Every video downloaded gets a dedicated page accessible at /video/<video-id>/ of your Tube Archivist. Throughout the interface, click on a video title to access the video page.

Clicking on the channel name or the channel icon will bring you to the dedicated channel detail page.

  • The button Reindex will reindex the metadata of this video.
  • The button Download File will download the media file in the browser.
  • The button Delete Video will delete that video including the media file.
  • The button Add to Playlist opens a list of your available custom playlists. Check the box to add the video to the list.

If available, a tag cloud will show, representing the tags set by the uploader.

There you can also find stream metadata like file size, video codecs, video bitrate and resolution, audio codecs and bitrate.

The video description is truncated to the first few lines, click on show more to expand the whole description.


When available, a playlist navigation will show at the bottom. Clicking on the playlist name will bring you to the dedicated Playlist Detail page showing all videos downloaded from that playlist. The number in square brackets indicates the position of the current video in that playlist.

Clicking on the next or previous video name or thumbnail will bring you to that dedicated video page.

Similar Videos#

Tube Archivist will show up to six similar videos in a grid. Similarity is detected from the video title and the video tags. This naturally will show some videos from the same channel, but can also return videos about the same topic from other channels.

When playing a video from the similar section with the inline player, the current video will get replaced, refresh the page to reset that or click on the video title to avoid that behavior.


If activated on the settings page, this will show the indexed comments. Reveal the threads by clicking the + Replies button. Comments with a heart symbol are favorited by the uploader, comments by the uploader are highlighted in a different color.