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You can change the appearance of Tube Archivist by selecting a stylesheet in Settings under User Configurations.

Adding Stylesheets#

Assuming a default configuration, stylesheets are stored in /app/static/css in the tubearchivist container. This is where additional stylesheets should be added.

The recommended method for adding new stylesheets is to mount them in the docker-compose.yml file. New mounts need to be added to the tubearchivist volume section. For example, test.css is added. If test.css is located in the same directory as the docker-compose.yml file.

  - media:/youtube
  - cache:/cache
  - ./test.css:/app/static/css/test.css

The container will need to be rebuilt for changes to take effect, which can be accomplished by running the command docker compose up -d.

Creating Stylesheets#

Tube Archivist applies the style.css stylesheet before applying the user's selected stylesheet.

You can use the default dark.css theme as a template to create your own. You can get it from the repo here.

The :root pseudo-class contains variables that are frequently used in style.css for consistent theming. However, not all changes need to be made in :root. Classes, IDs, and HTML tags can have their properties overridden by simply declaring new properties.

For example, the following addition to a custom stylesheet would make all p tags have a cursive font.

p {
    font-family: cursive;

To create a stylesheet, any selectable stylesheet should be used as a base. Changes can then be made as needed. Changes can be previewed easily by editing the existing stylesheet in real-time through your browser's developer tools. Below is an example of editing the dark.css stylesheet through Firefox's developer tools.


Note that live changes will be lost when the page is refreshed. Copy and save the changes to prevent data loss.