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Channels Pages#

The channels are organized on two different levels, similar to the playlists:

Channels Overview#

Accessible at /channel/ of your Tube Archivist, the Overview Page shows a list of all channels you have indexed. - You can filter that list to show or hide subscribed channels with the toggle. Clicking on the channel banner or the channel name will direct you to the Channel Detail Page. - If you are subscribed to a channel an Unsubscribe button will show, if you aren't subscribed, a Subscribe button will show instead.

The Subscribe to Channels button add icon opens a text field to subscribe to a channel. You have a few options:

  • Enter the YouTube channel ID, a 25 character alphanumeric string. Example:
    • UCBa659QWEk1AI4Tg--mrJ2A
  • Enter the URL to the channel page on YouTube. Example:
    • or alias url
  • Enter a channel alias starting with @, for example: @TomScottGo
  • Enter the video URL for any video and let Tube Archivist extract the channel ID for you, for example
  • If you want to subscribe to more than one channel directly, you can add one channel per line in the text field

To search your channels, click on the search icon search icon to reach the search page. Start your query with channel:, learn more on the search page.

Channel Detail#

Each channel gets a set of channel detail pages.

  • If you are subscribed to the channel, an Unsubscribe button will show, else the Subscribe button will show.
  • You'll see some statistics of the channel, like how many videos you have, total playback and total size. That aggregation is based your filter, e.g. if you toggle Hide watched, the aggregation will be over your unwatched videos only.
  • The Mark as Watched button will mark all videos of this channel as watched.


Accessible at /channel/<channel-id>/, this page shows all the videos you have downloaded from this channel.


If you have any streams indexed, this page will become accessible at /channel/<channel-id>/streams/, this page shows all available live streams of that channel.


If you have any shorts videos indexed, this page will become accessible at /channel/<channel-id>/shorts/, this page shows all the shorts videos of that channel.


If you have playlists from this channel indexed, this page will become accessible at /channel/<channel-id>/playlist/. Activate channel playlist indexing on the about page.


On the Channel About page, accessible at /channel/<channel-id>/about/, you can see additional metadata.

  • The button Delete Channel will delete the channel plus all videos of this channel, both media files and metadata additionally this will also delete playlists metadata belonging to that channel.
  • The button Reindex will reindex all channel metadata. This will also categorize existing videos as shorts or streams.
  • The button Reindex Videos will reindex metadata for all videos in this channel.

If available, you can find the channel description and channel tags there.

The channel customize form gives options to change settings on a per channel basis. Any configurations here will overwrite your configurations from the settings page.

  • Download Format: Overwrite the download quality for videos from this channel.
  • Auto Delete: Automatically delete watched videos from this channel after selected days.
  • Index Playlists: Automatically add all Playlists with at least a video downloaded to your index. Only do this for channels where you care about playlists as this will slow down indexing new videos for having to check which playlist this belongs to.
  • SponsorBlock: Using SponsorBlock to get and skip sponsored content. Customize per channel: You can disable or enable SponsorBlock for certain channels only to overwrite the behavior set on the settings page. Selecting unset will remove the overwrite and your setting will fall back to the default on the settings page.


If you have any videos from this channel pending in the download queue, a Downloads link will show, bringing you directly to the downloads page, filtering the list by the selected channel.