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Download Queue List#

GET /api/download/


  • filter: pending, ignore
  • channel: channel-id

Add list of videos to download queue:
POST /api/download/

    "data": [
        {"youtube_id": "NYj3DnI81AQ", "status": "pending"}
Parameter: - autostart: true

Delete download queue items by filter:
DELETE /api/download/?filter=ignore
DELETE /api/download/?filter=pending

Download Queue Item#

GET /api/download/<video_id>/
POST /api/download/<video_id>/

Ignore video in download queue:

    "status": "ignore"

Add to queue previously ignored video:

    "status": "pending"

Download existing video now:

    "status": "priority"

DELETE /api/download/<video_id>/
Forget or delete from download queue