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Snapshot List#

GET /api/snapshot/
Return snapshot config and a list of available snapshots.

    "next_exec": epoch,
    "next_exec_str": "date_str",
    "expire_after": "30d",
    "snapshots": []

POST /api/snapshot/
Create new snapshot now, will return immediately, task will run async in the background, returns snapshot name:

    "snapshot_name": "ta_daily_<random-id>"

Snapshot Item View#

GET /api/snapshot/<snapshot-id>/
Return metadata of a single snapshot

    "id": "ta_daily_<random-id>",
    "state": "SUCCESS",
    "es_version": "0.0.0",
    "start_date": "date_str",
    "end_date": "date_str",
    "end_stamp": epoch,
    "duration_s": 0

POST /api/snapshot/<snapshot-id>/
Restore this snapshot

DELETE /api/snapshot/<snapshot-id>/
Remove this snapshot from index